I don’t like remixes, but these are good. The noobs hear it and don’t know that it was released when MJ was alive the Pitbull bad…blag take him off its cool to me then haha can’t stand pitbull

I didn’t even include the Pitbull one because Pitbull is… egh lmao. But the Afrojack remix is pretty freakin’ awesome

“I crave something I’ve never tasted.”
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“My nights are for overthinking, my mornings are for oversleeping.”
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Not only does he look miserable his face looks kind of strange in it, compared to earlier 2003 pictures of him and he looked nice during the trial period but idk whats up with his mugshot it scares me

It doesn’t scare me, I just cringe every time I see it. I think it was because during the trial, he wore makeup (I’ve seen very large, HQ photos of him from from the trial and it’s clear he had makeup on). The mugshot was probably due to the fact that a) he didn’t have makeup on b) his lupus was acting up and c) he was caught off guard and didn’t have time to put makeup on (I doubt people have much time to do anything when they’re arrested almost immediately). And then there’s the fact that he looked miserable. I feel bad for him that he even had to have a mugshot taken. It must’ve been humiliating, coupled with the fact that he couldn’t cover up any discolorations or scarring with makeup like he usually does and had to take a photo for all the world to see. And not just any photo, but a mugshot of all things :-/

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do you know of any good mj remixes? the immortal ones are amazing, but do you know of any others? esp billie jean, thriller, bad, smooth criminal? thank you and love your blog, your posts make my day! mj love <3

oooh, I’m not too big on remixes BUT, check out:

  • BAD Afrojack remix (on the Bad 25 CD). I dunno about anyone else but I LOVE that remix. That thing is seriously my life and Michael’s voice is crystal clear on the track. Like really clear, I love the hell out of it
  • It’s Your Thing (‘95 Extended Remix). This is one of the coolest remixes you’ll ever hear. Little MJ sounds like a little pimp on this remix and the entire remix gives you a really chill vibe. It’s so cool, and I’m serious his little voice sounds so smooth.
  • Blood on the Dance Floor (Refugee Camp Mix). This remix is awesome and I actually prefer the remix version of the original video more than I like the original video lol. It sounds really cool and has a nice groove to it
  • Scream Louder (Flyte Tyme Remix). All I can say about it is that it’s epic.

Also even though the remixes on the BOTDF album are frowned upon, I actually like The Stranger In Moscow one and the History one a little bit (not a lot, but a little bit) lol.

I know you probably wanted more but like I said, I rarely listen to MJ remixes (or in general).

But followers if you have any awesome MJ remix suggestions, please add on to my post :)

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There's a Bad era mugshot? What was Michael arrested for??????


and I think it was for speeding (what Speed Demon is based on)

ignore the lettering, this is a graphic but the mugshot is real lol

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Ur opinion on mjs mugshot?

ugh, I hate it. Absolutely detest it. I cringe every time I see it. He looked so miserable :-/

“Throughout the past decade or so, Michael would come and stay at the house quite a bit, sometimes with the children, and sometimes alone. It was an extraordinary time. Michael was an amazing houseguest because he really didn’t require any attention. He liked to clean his own room and make his own bed, and he taught his kids to do that, too, much to our amazement.
Michael was filled with humility, sensitivity, reverence and respect for anyone and everyone. And most of all, the love that he had for his kids equalled the love that he had for his fans. He just was a guy that was beyond amazing. And it’s just sad that we hear all these frivolous stories that have been created about him.”
- Al Malnik (via myinspirationmj)