send me gif requests pls. and not just short films because I literally always gif short films lol

I think some folks are assuming you mean that in a negative way when you’re clearly not. It’s not hard to realize that Michael tended to seem/be very guarded in later interviews, and to be honest, even before his older years, just not as guarded.

lol yeah I didn’t mean it in a negative sense but you get me. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being guarded in interviews though. And tbh, interviewers don’t need to know everything about the celebrity; especially rude ones. We all have things about ourselves that we need to keep to ourselves. Not even our family or closest friends need to know everything about us

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are you saying he acted fake in every interview since thriller

He just seemed very guarded in later interviews, as if he didn’t want to say the wrong thing or didn’t want his words twisted around. Plus he wanted to keep up a particular image. There was a whole other side to MJ that most people didn’t know about but he never seemed to show it to the outside world

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This is going to sound really bad but doesn't knowing him THAT well kind of makes you lose interest in him? You already know everything about him as a person. You've already seen him do everything in terms of dance and music.

Not in the slightest. MJ will always be super interesting to me, no matter how much I know about him. And no one else amazes me as much as he does and they never have so…lol. And actually I haven’t seen him do everything

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do you think there are certain interviews where michael was himself and not putting on a public image? bc i feel like there were interviews he was more comfortable being in than others, and acted differently

Probably the Jet interview, the unauthorized Thriller interview and any interview during the Jacksons/OTW era

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Doesn't it seem odd knowing MJ the way we do?

yeah :-/ lol but that’s what makes us huge fans/stans. Nah but sometimes I’m like, “how the hell do I know so much about this man??”. Cause years ago I didn’t know shit about him except very basic information lol

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i don't think michael could ever have a long term relationship with somebody, he was so immature and didn't seem to have developed those kind of skills, but that's just my opinion

I agree. He didn’t exactly have a normal coming of age like regular people so even though he cherished relationships and loved being married, I don’t think he was fully ready for a long term relationship. I mean, he didn’t even handle confrontation in the right way