Two years ago we survived a terrorist attack. THAT forever changed not only our country but the entire world….I love you more (to the fans screaming in the audience)….We will never forget…(pausing again) I love you more… We will never forget that terrible tragedy brought us together and brought this project together. Producing this song was miracle in itself. | Michael Jackson mentioning the 9/11 tragedy @ the Radio Music Awards 2003

Heart of gold. People never saw this part of him.

punky-passion sang:

YOUR TAGS about the stage one lmfao

LMAO!! He really was looking like that though!


"But who gone clean this wet ass stage floor though? I bet not trip…better not. Cause if I do it’s gone be all your asses. I’m slippin’ slidin’ all over this stage and shit…I bet not fall though. Y’all think I’m playing. Michael Jackson don’t trip and fall on stage…not in this life…ch, not today. So this floor better be dry by the time I end this performance. I’m just sayin’”

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Can you do a gif set of Michael being sassy? :)xx

I’m not sure you still want this request since you already asked another person lol…and I would use some of the same videos they used so…

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Who do you think is female version of Michael? Obviously no one can replace him or come close to him but who brings what he brought? The vocals, the dancing, the creativity, the music...

To be honest as far as I’m concerned there isn’t even a female version of Michael. Sure there are artists, both male and female who sing, write and dance like he did and can do it well but none of them bring what he brought. At least for me. The man was pure magic. He moved across the stage so effortlessly and with such perfection and grace that I don’t think anyone else has. His belted out vocals with ease and everything. His creativity was unmatched as was his ability to beat box and his ability to execute songs perfectly in just one take.  I can go on and on but basically—there’s only one Michael Jackson. He was truly one of a kind and there isn’t even a female version of him.

Beyonce, Janet, Lady Gaga and a host of others are all great and I love what they do and how they do it but they’re not female MJ’s. I don’t even agree with the term really…

They’re all their own person. Bey is Bey, Janet is Janet, Gaga is Gaga and Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson . There are so other versions of him, I don’t care what anyone says.


Smh at people who think Beyonce is on MJ’s level

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What you think about those people who say that Michael is alive?

I say Michael’s not alive

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Don't you think Mike would have been into Nicki Minaj lmao because he was a butt guy (she's really pretty too)

Well yeah of course! Unlike his fans, MJ loved other artists lmao. Shit, he loved other people period. I’m sure he would have taken a liking to Nicki; especially cause of dat ass lmfao

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You never reply to my stuff :(

I get overwhelmed easily and might forget to answer some stuff. Also I don’t want to flood my dash with asks every minute :(

Ask me again